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The Business Growth Secrets: The Growth Focused Guide is filled with the steps I've used to launch and sell several businesses over the years and still use today.
  •  Which Steps To Focus On at Each Business Stage
  •  How to Attract the People You Want As Customers
  •  9 Pages of Information Resources
  •  Tips On How To Sell Anything Anywhere In The World
  •  Options For Cashing How From Your Business
  •  How You Can Quickly Provide Value To Your Market
Most People Will Spend Years Trying To Catch Up To What You Learn in This Guide
  • Cut Through The Noise: Step 13 on page 22 lists 3 things you should be building to get more done.
  • Learn How Being Right Can Hurt You: Step 9 on page 19 explains how listening to yourself even when you're right can actually hurt your business.
  • Stop Being Ignored By Your Market: Step 2 on page 12 explains why many businesses waste years being ignored and how to avoid this painful hurdle.
  •  Experience Apple Like Growth. Step 10 on page 19 explains this principle few people talk about that allowed the first iPhone to become such an iconic product.
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